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noun as in sunken or decayed area

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Pimples, yeast infections, and dental cavities are examples of dysbiotic diseases in people—conditions caused not necessarily by newly arrived pathogens, but by ever-present microbes that bloom and harm their host.

Now scientists have investigated how much of this soot came from the wildfires, and how much came from older materials like coal and oil in rocks from the cavity, known as the Chicxulub impact crater.

Studies have suggested that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, first binds to cells in the body’s nasal cavity and then begins replicating, spreading through the body’s respiratory tract.

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The kayak was built on a double-hull design that creates a deep cavity in the center of the boat.

For example, two photons bouncing around in the cavity might represent a qubit with a value of 0, and four photons might indicate a value of 1.

Some have speculated that cessation of CPR decreases pressure in the chest cavity, allowing blood to return to the heart.

The force of the two reacting spreads the foam through the chest cavity, hardening to apply pressure to any bleed sites.

Injuries within the chest cavity may not be readily visible to medics, and are difficult to compress, King said.

Take a “cavity bomb,” for example: explosives hidden in rolls of fat, between butt cheeks.

Heaven help us the first time a would-be suicide bomber is caught with explosives hidden in a body cavity.

There appears a rude attempt to picture the mouth cavity and to show those interesting accessories, the teeth.

In addition, chylous and chyloid exudates are occasionally met, particularly in the peritoneal cavity.

In this specimen the tubular cavity of the stalactite is still open.

All about the cavity in the sand lay stones big and little, timbers, stakes, loops of rope.

They were carried up to the top of the tree, and disappeared, still fighting, within the cavity.


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