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To do so, astrobiologists took their experiments to space to see how terrestrial life holds up in this harsh environment, where the vacuum, lack of oxygen, ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures would seem to preclude it.

In fact, inflation comes together with a recipe for the quantum state of fields in the inflationary epoch, a so-called Bunch-Davies vacuum.

That demise would not be a result of expansion or contraction, but due to a phenomenon called vacuum decay.

As the pandemic worsened over the summer, the lack of clear state guidance about how and if to reopen schools was creating another vacuum.

The vacuum re-creates the downward pull of gravity, planting the person’s feet firmly on the floor of the chamber and drawing bodily fluids toward the legs.

But politicians abhor a rhetorical vacuum, and they have clamored to fill it.

Every conspiracy theory starts with an information vacuum, which then tumbles into fantasy.

In a vacuum (translation: but for Obama), this could be a killer year for Democrats.

There are also drones which vacuum the wireless spectrum, picking up tweets, emails, and Skype chats.

So Iran would have to eventually withdraw, leaving a power vacuum, again, in those areas.

Its first cost and expense in working to be much less than that of the Watt low-pressure steam vacuum engine.

The Wheal Prosper 16-inch pole high-pressure expansive steam vacuum engine commenced its up-stroke with steam of 100 lbs.

The conversion of the other, a 63-inch low-pressure vacuum engine at Wheal Gons, will be traced in this chapter.

The steam pressure in the Newcomen atmospheric was continued unaltered in the Watt vacuum engine.

A very thin vacuum shutter forms a better interrupter of sound waves than a brick wall two or three feet in thickness.


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