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I’m going to cast away those things and really approach this tabula rasa.

From Ozy

He narrowed down the key genes responsible for instructing tabula rasa cells to become other types of cells, but the animals were still many steps removed from humans.

From Time

During the Enlightenment, the fresh start idea was given a philosophical boost when John Locke argued that each person begins life with a tabula rasa, what we think of today as a “blank slate.”

So the field started out again as a tabula rasa, and when that happens all kinds of mistakes and blunders can creep in.

How stunning that low information voters would essentially be tabula rasa as late as October, am I right?

Allon thought he was creating a tabula rasa for new borders.

"I was as close to tabula rasa as a sportswriter can be," Lipsyte says.

Lipsyte was curious—the nice part about tabula rasa is you see everyone anew—and had co-written Dick Gregory's Nigger.

The soul, originally a tabula rasa, is gradually perfected by the ideas which theoretical speculation acquires.

Her memory was tabula rasa—all vestiges, both of words and things, were obliterated and gone.

The metaphor of the tabula rasa, the sheet of "white paper," once admitted, exercises a warping influence over the whole work.

His mind must become a tabula rasa before his teacher can begin to write on it.

The tabula rasa of Locke is, we now know, the last thing in the world to resemble a child's mind.


On this page you'll find 10 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to tabula rasa, such as: blank cartridge, blank mind, blank tablet, clean slate, featureless mind, and palimpsest.

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