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noun as in indentation

Strongest match

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Example Sentences

The dimple pattern has fewer dimples, which cuts down on wind drag as the ball cuts through the air for maximum flight time.

The unique dimple pattern on the ball helps keep the ball on a straighter path through the air, which is good if you have a hook, or more likely, a slice.

There are no dimples or edges in the rock to put her toes on.

I want to take it away from her to refill the dimples, but I also don’t want to break her heart.

Air flowing over those dimples can have a pronounced effect on the trajectory of a ball as it flies through the air.

If there was a rough cellulite dimple, we might take it out.

Devastated, Walt sidles up to the bar and orders one last Dimple Pinch, neat.

When the salt starts to pop (from the water trapped in the salt crystal), slap down your burger, dimple side up.

The woman who stepped off the elevator smiled, showing a lovely dimple, and Anson beamed on her.

But yet I could have sworn I saw a dimple in her cheek through the mask, and a smile of mockery on her lips.

My fair vis-a-vis looked me now full in the face and smiled, so that a dimple in her right cheek was plainly visible.

Just then Miss Dimple appeared at the door with an uncertain smile.

"I like to sit and think in the dark," she explained, and her one dimple broke in a rich, brown-faced animal smile.


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