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So when unrest erupted at the Capitol that day, antifa predictably got the blame.

Jessica Simpson’s 2020 memoir, “Open Book,” detailed how the tabloid frenzy that erupted when she wore a pair of high-waisted, then-uncool “mom jeans” in 2009 exacerbated an existing diet-pill habit.

She started there a week before the Glass Fire erupted and scorched much of the northern part of the valley, including the nearby Meadowood resort.

On average, Earth has 40 known volcanoes erupting at any given moment.

More than 23 million people have been ordered to remain inside their homes in northern China to stymie new outbreaks—double the number confined in Wuhan when the pandemic first erupted.

From Time

Rob Marshall lets a sigh of relief erupt so loud it could be heard by giants in the sky.

The shadow is all one, the sky  throbs now along with the ocean,  and sky and shadow erupt  in the crash of their vast conflict.

But when he goes over a line that it is ambiguously drawn, then we erupt with outrage.

The very mention of his part in Spice World causes the Brit to erupt in a violent fit of laughter.

Underneath our feet tectonic plates shift, magma bubbles, water boils, and both regularly erupt.

The financial situation was a seething volcano which might erupt at any minute.

However, Mun's temper was an abstract affair that might erupt at any moment, while a broken leg was distinctly concrete.

For Nau-hau, in sullen volcanic rage, was ripe to erupt at the slightest opportunity.

Adair can't have altered so radically over night; he wasn't forceful enough to erupt so disastrously.

Before dawn Hugo woke feeling like a man in the mouth of a volcano that had commenced to erupt.


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