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Google, though, seems to be gaining more control over the auction as transparency and data have dwindled down over the years.

I imagine them bumping around, lost without crowded indoor spaces to breed in, thwarted by vaccine-boosted immune cells, unable to find a host, dwindling, going, gone.

That’s enough for the snowpack to be dwindling in most spots.

At some point, they might consider whether the search for a dwindling electorate is all that helpful for their survival.

Consumers are increasingly purchasing digital versions of games on platforms such as Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store, leaving GameStop with both a dwindling supply and dampened demand for used video games.

While public interest in Ebola continues to dwindle, the epidemic itself continues to soar.

As the holidays approach, Hohlfelder worries that concern will further dwindle.

For most of us, whether or not Nico is missing or dead would seem irrelevant as the days left dwindle.

If the money starts to dwindle, then Snyder will do something.

Terror continues to win as our civil liberties continue to dwindle.

With either Mr. Shepard or Mr. Low elected, Tammany would dwindle—as one now beholds it—to be a third-rate influence.

The excessive military spirit of the inhabitants had begun to dwindle, as England's interest required.

The island glided further and further away from the cliffs, and he watched the waterfall dwindle away to a streak and disappear.

Some of these dwindle away soon enough—or perhaps not quite soon enough; some of them increase and become permanent and beautiful.

This original may dwindle by circumstances, so as to become not a purpose of the second or even the third magnitude.


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