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noun as in edge of object, usually the top

verb as in flow over the top

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Example Sentences

Another approach focuses on protecting the rare slices of land and sea that brim with huge numbers of species.

Nowadays “beanie” is kind of a catch-all word for hats designed to fit over the ears, without brims or flaps.

This year’s holiday season has been filled to the brim with nonstop laughs, great food and good vibes.

You need to tumble the mussels around during cooking, and you can’t do that if your pot is filled to the brim.

Keep the mask above the brim of your hat when you run, then quickly flip it down over your nose and mouth when you encounter someone.

It had a wide brim and a tall crown, which created an insulated pocket of air and could also be used to carry water.

And he had a cowboy hat that he liked touching, too—he smoothed the brim back like it was a ducktail haircut.

On it are balanced a plate of eggs and toast, an open quart jar of grape jelly, and a beer mug full to the brim with orange juice.

Just as his fingers touched the brim, his foot would kick the hat out of reach.

At times like these you must be careful not to brim over with elation-into-crashing-despair.

The rebellious brown hair was almost in the shade of my own dashing hat-brim.

Gunn touched the brim of his soft felt hat, which he wore turned down all round apparently in imitation of a flower-pot.

At the farm-gate they met Dorothy, fresh and blooming as a rose, with a pail in each hand foaming to the brim with milk.

Piegan was already mounted, watching us whimsically from under the dripping brim of his hat.

She wore a black silk cloak, a dark grey hat with a wide brim, and a broad satin ribbon under her chin.


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