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noun as in opening; beginning

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Once prices shoot above that threshold, the instructions read, central bankers are to go into action to determine if an interest rate hike is needed to rein in an overheating economy.

From Fortune

The region has only ever crossed the case rate threshold, reports the Union-Tribune.

Gavin Newsom has ordered counties that meet a minimum threshold of new coronavirus cases – including San Diego – to keep schools closed.

Today, some 30 million people have taken consumer DNA tests, a threshold experts have called a tipping point.

A person can’t be infected by inhaling one or two viruses — they need to be exposed to a certain concentration of the virus before it can gain a foothold, though experts still aren’t sure what this threshold, called the infectious dose, is.

Interpreted more broadly, the phrase loses meaning: what constitutes the necessary threshold of realism?

There is one final lesson to learn before he crosses the threshold from darkness to glory.

She took her temperature on Monday and noted it was slightly elevated to 99.5, just under the threshold for worry.

That year was really the first year that I stepped over the threshold and became more of a collaborator.

Once a threshold osmolality is reached in our bodies, it triggers our brains to make us seek water.

At the same moment the door was thrown open, and Mrs. Gordon appeared on the threshold with a gentleman behind her.

In the midst of these meditations, the dungeon door opened, and Santa Cruz himself appeared on the threshold.

That last moment, as she stepped lightly over the threshold of the library, was a sort of climax to the intoxication of youth.

Pausing at the threshold before opening the door, the sonorous mumble sounding through the deal panels misled me.

She knew he had divined the one thing she had most dreaded in returning,—the crossing again the threshold of her own room.


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