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verb as in squeeze out liquid

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The layers were presoaked, but for good measure, Ruiz fired off a few more squirts of lukewarm water into both the jacket and shorts.

Mar de Viñas Albariño 2020Val do Salnés, Rías Baixas, Spain, $19Citrusy, with a hint of salinity from the ocean breeze off the Atlantic, this wine brightens your palate the way a squirt of lemon lifts the flavors of any dish.

My 3-year-old sanitized his doll’s hands with an imaginary squirt of Purell after each outing to the backyard.

Cañestro thought that Oikopleura had perhaps retained simpler, more ancestral features than other sea squirts and could be a guide to what they had evolved from.

When Cristian Cañestro set out in the early 2000s to study how animals with brains and backbones evolved, he picked a sea squirt called Oikopleura as a useful subject.

Spam, squirt guns, earthworms, pirate costumes—stuff like that.

His only options: slap a GPS tracker on the little squirt or buy him a cellphone.

The song also happened to call his opponent, incumbent Martin Van Buren, a “little squirt wirt wirt.”

Skaters squirt each other with bottled water and do tricks on the subway stairs.

“Secret Service officers huddled in the guard booth” until the official beekeeper took the bees down with a squirt bottle.

Porky pulled out his check-book and begun to scribble with one of them squirt-gun pens.

I'll learn you to leave junk in my way, you greenhorn squirt!

It is also advisable to squirt distillate up into the case through the opening where the strainer has been removed.

He grasped the oil can and, in order to test the efficacy of its squirt, shot a generous stream down Captain Scraggs's collar.

They could squirt full ten feet before the wind, as appeared by the marks of the drops on the sand.


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