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noun as in slouched posture

Strong matches

Weak match

verb as in bow down

verb as in condescend; lower oneself to another

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Example Sentences

From a polished stoop in East Baltimore to a perfectly filtered Instagram photo, there is danger and power to the images we craft of ourselves.

We stood on our balconies and stoops and leaned out windows to clap for front-line workers.

Adjoining stoops and fire escapes provided prime viewing and were highly functional for mothers and older people.

I knocked a door in my last campaign with a woman crying on her stoop because she was losing her housing.

Dogs that had originally arrived by ship as far back as the early 1800s got that name after the pots with dregs of burned peas and rice put out on the stoops for them at week’s end.

Nobody ever says they want to become a cop so they can bust people for urinating in public or drinking alcohol on their stoop.

Why stoop to intentional leaks and anonymous sources to push a defensive narrative?

The archetype of the disobedient Cossack who will not stoop to intimidation remains an important part of Ukrainian identity.

I had to sit on my stoop for a few minutes and think, ‘Did that just happen?’

Then you see him stoop to something this kind of person would never do, steal a bicycle.

I would even, I decided, stoop to having him thrown in jail on a phony charge, if that should be necessary.

Ask yourself if I have ever done a single thing which would indicate that I would stoop to the slaughter of the innocent.

Oh, how it makes a poor fellow's back ache, to stoop down and weed onions for half a day.

Near the low ceiling of the watch-house several hammocks are slung, obliging men to stoop a little as they move about.

To use the language of the talented Mr. Whipper, "they cannot be raised in this country, without being stoop shouldered."


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