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adjective as in curling, winding

noun as in curled shape

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India’s healthcare system has spiralled into total chaos following the Covid-19 outbreak.

From Quartz

It’s possible, too, that some of the partisan divides we’re seeing now could start to narrow as outbreaks spiral out of control in states like Arizona, Florida and Texas.

Images from the telescopes show a spiral disk of gas and dust surrounding AB Aurigae.

It likely has spiral arms, too, the scientists say — just like the Milky Way.

Our spirals might all trace back to an unexpected influence from cosmic rays.

The now-convicted felons will hear their sentences in January, but their story continues to spiral downward.

This downward spiral involving local power politics was obvious to the Americans in the valley.

Without those subsidies, the worst-case scenario has Obamacare entering a fiscal death spiral.

To his fellow survivors and to the audience, this delusion indicates another slip on a downward spiral.

In 2008, it was looking at a death spiral: cut credit ratings, claims on the policies, and collateral calls.

The organism is an actively motile spiral thread, about four times the diameter of a red corpuscle in length.

See that silver spiral going out from Venus and around the table to the orbit of Saturn?

Spirochte pallida is an extremely slender, spiral, motile thread, with pointed ends.

Upon ulcerated surfaces it is often mingled with other spiral micro-organisms, which adds to the difficulty of its detection.

The palpi of the male are in this species each provided with a spiral screw resembling the tendril of a vine.


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