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Given where he falls on aging curves, his prospect pedigree and the success of sons of former major leaguers,16 there are many indicators that suggest Tatís will have staying power as one of the game’s top players.FERNANDO TATÍS JR. WAS ALREADY MASHING. THEN HE STARTED HITTING THE BALL HARDER.TRAVIS SAWCHIKAUGUST 21, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
There are 11 rows of seats curving around the balcony where you like to sit.THE FIRST MURDERKATIE MCLEANAUGUST 19, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Ever since Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity recast gravity as curves in space-time, physicists have wondered if his work was the final word.THE PHYSICIST WHO SLAYED GRAVITY’S GHOSTSTHOMAS LEWTONAUGUST 18, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
From 2007 to 2019, left-handers registered a substantially lower velocity for every type of pitch tracked, including not only higher-velocity pitches like fastballs and sinkers, but also sliders, changeups and curves.WHAT REALLY GIVES LEFT-HANDED PITCHERS THEIR EDGE?GUY MOLYNEUXAUGUST 17, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
The best light for the pigments to absorb, then, was in the steepest parts of the intensity curve for the solar spectrum — the red and blue parts of the spectrum.WHY ARE PLANTS GREEN? TO REDUCE THE NOISE IN PHOTOSYNTHESIS.RODRIGO PÉREZ ORTEGAJULY 30, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
Three months ago, San Diego began flattening it’s curve, a trend that lasted a hot second.MORNING REPORT: THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE WORLD CHANGED AFTER THIS POLICE SHOOTINGVOICE OF SAN DIEGOJULY 30, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
As we enter the second half of the calendar year and analyze the data now available to us, we can undoubtedly confirm that we have met the initial goal of flattening the curve.THE CORONAVIRUS IS SERIOUS, AND SO IS THE THREAT TO SMALL BUSINESSESCHRIS CATEJULY 15, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Wherever the two copies of the Möbius strip overlapped, you would find two pairs of points back on the original closed curve that formed the four vertices of a rectangle.NEW GEOMETRIC PERSPECTIVE CRACKS OLD PROBLEM ABOUT RECTANGLESKEVIN HARTNETTJUNE 25, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
If you believe the happiness curve, and that our happiness basically drops from teenagerhood, until whatever you want to call age 50 — middle age, late-middle age, middle-middle age.INTRODUCING “NO STUPID QUESTIONS” (EP. 422)STEPHEN J. DUBNERJUNE 18, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Thre’s a learning curve to every new tactic but you’ll learn the most through personal, hands-on experience.10 ADVANCED SEO TACTICS TO DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITECHRISTIAN CAREREJUNE 8, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


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