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Efficiency of crawl, as we mentioned above, are the benefits.

The data we gather in TGIF show that in many cases, those solutions often do more harm than good as they are not getting indexed and they make it very difficult to get crawl data that actually reflects your website’s structure as Google sees it.

However, for larger sites, having multiple URLs that host the same content may consume crawl budget and dilute signals, inhibiting a search engine’s ability to index and evaluate your pages.

Although most people might have heard of crawl budgeting, they might have considered using it, to begin with, or even think about it, when it comes to SEO.

However, the number of pages your domain accommodates should never exceed your crawl budget, or else all pages over that limit will go unnoticed in search.

“Now get on your knees and crawl,” he demanded with the slap of a leather horse crop against the palm of his hand.

Klain is not the first to crawl out of the swamp of Biden World on to the larger stage.

Social media is heavily censored, with Instagram blocked and access to various websites operating at a crawl.

But as the opening crawl assures, “none of this is canon, so just relax.”

John Huston recalls in his autobiography, An Open Book, a time when he asked Mitchum to crawl across the grass on his elbows.

He felt himself the meanest, vilest thing a-crawl upon this sinful earth, and she—dear God!

Crawl up there again, Sarge, and look straight down at the first ledge from the bottom.

In a moment it began to crawl down the side of the street, seeming to fill the whole city with silence.

In the first place, as to hours—they never leave the ball-room until utterly exhausted, and scarcely fit to crawl to bed.

Bud slid noiselessly out of the car and under it, head to the rear where he could crawl out quickly.


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