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In fact, one British optician was actually fined for insinuating that blue light glasses can protect against DES, given that there’s no scientific evidence of this.

Gone are the days when the creators of That ’70s Show had to devise elaborate gimmicks and rely on euphemistic slang in order to insinuate that its teenage characters were smoking pot while avoiding network blowback.

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Although Rivera held out the possibility of reaching a long-term agreement with Scherff before the July 15 deadline, he also insinuated the team is prepared to have him play on an $18 million salary.

Smith said at season’s end that he planned to “take a few weeks” to decide his future in football, but in later interviews he strongly insinuated that he wanted to keep playing.

We hope that the report — which we have not seen — and those sharing the information would not insinuate to the public that there is a danger present.

Gutierrez tries unsuccessfully to insinuate that Jay was cheating on Stephanie, suggesting ulterior motives.

It's pretty sick for people to insinuate that I would wax my daughters eyebrows.

Gandhi, he meant to insinuate, was not Indian enough to serve Indians and run the country.

Tait seems to insinuate for all media that it would be better if Amis never came back.

What people were trying to insinuate was that Jess is emblematic of all women, instead of seeing her as one woman.

Both are very charming in Trolus, and he has turned them to good account to insinuate himself or to overcome a difficulty.

A vague, ridiculous, unfounded sort of jealousy of the Harpers had begun to insinuate itself.

"How dare you insinuate——" began Murray, and he violently shook the old man by the collar.

Do you insinuate that I am naturally an object for laughter?

Her object was to insinuate herself, so to speak, into fortune, by making herself useful to some great person.


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