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verb as in deteriorate by lack of action

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Overtime has expressed interest in this age group of athletes in the past, however the strict rules on how the publisher could work with this cohort of players aged 16 to 22 stagnated that interest.

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Not only have the economic benefits stagnated, but adding additional lanes to ease traffic congestion around cities doesn’t actually ease congestion, since it encourages even more people to drive.

Especially because the cost of housing and education and healthcare haven’t stagnated at all.

As wages stagnated and the cost of living soared, the promise of the free market was starting to look suspicious.

From Time

So, if your campaigns are stagnating or you’re just looking to increase efficiency, dig into the data to assess who you’re targeting and start experimenting.

Harping about a Republican war on women while wages stagnate and growth sputters is trivial and desperate.

In this scenario, productivity will rise, but wages may stagnate or decline.

This means that their gene pools stagnate and accumulate increasingly harmful mutations.

Yes, the economy remains sclerotic, work force participation is abysmal, and wages stagnate.

Anders Aslund says that “[t]he Russian economy was earlier set to stagnate, but now it is likely to contract.”

There is such a thing as slack tide in the affairs of men, when a crisis seems as if it would never come, and all things stagnate.

Without war the world would stagnate and lose itself in materialism.

At any rate, if such a reader cannot feel excitement here, he would utterly stagnate in any previous novel.

The course of nature seemed to stagnate, and the constellations to pause in their career, as if in mockery of my feelings.

They must not be allowed to stagnate, nor to think that because they live in an atmosphere of books they are exempt from reading.


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