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noun as in quiet

verb as in attempt to make quiet

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Keeping everything “hush-hush” for years was exhausting, and it was demoralizing to never open up about her personal life — particularly as an “open book” singer-songwriter who poured her real experiences into lyrics.

Switch to “Whisper” mode, and the Mach-E hushes its Hollywood effects.

Hawke is a genius at conjuring the hush of the auditorium, the thrill of live actors, the magical sense of a performance moving through time.

The hush-money-is-no-crime defenseTrump insisted it wasn’t a crime when his fixer arranged hush-money payments for two women during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Illegitimate concerns would include a company wanting to preempt negative PR or silence victims of discrimination and harassment with hush money.

From Fortune

The Church would “deal with the families in as limited way as possible, and pay them hush money.”

And they must just accept that after 20 years of trying to hush us and badmouth us.

Escorting is big business on the straight side too, only more of a hush-hush operation.

She hesitated to explain any further because, she said, “TLC has kind of told us to hush-hush.”

My mother took me to a live radio show in downtown Houston, and we had to be all hush as the skits were conducted.

Here there was a scuffling sound in the basket, and the Roc rapped on the cover with her hard beak, and cried, "Hush!"

How still and calm the night was, the very stars were painted on the sky, the lights were low, there lay a hush upon the audience.

He caught his breath, he paused, then stepped within on tiptoe, and the hush of four thousand years closed after him.

He was taken up for dead; and Richelieu and the Cardinal conjured me to hush the affair.

Amid the hush that followed, the stranger picked himself slowly up, and sought to wipe the filth from his face and garments.


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