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It had the pure and placid expression of the human soul, when it dwells in love and peace.

Where shall I find a quiet church where I may say his De profundis in peace?

Our peace with the power with whom we had been engaged had also been concluded.

We wish peace, but we wish the peace of justice, the peace of righteousness.

We should recollect also that the season of peace is best adapted to these preparations.

May her ways be ways of pleasantness and all her paths be peace!

But she cannot surely be so mean as to purchase her peace with them at so dear a rate.

Peace can be contributed to by respect for our ability in defense.

Of course, in times of peace, they may facilitate the common business of politics.

We strive for peace and security, heartened by the changes all around us.


mid-12c., "freedom from civil disorder," from Anglo-French pes, Old French pais "peace, reconciliation, silence, permission" (11c., Modern French paix), from Latin pacem (nominative pax) "compact, agreement, treaty of peace, tranquility, absence of war" (source of Provençal patz, Spanish paz, Italian pace), from PIE *pag-/*pak- "fasten," related to pacisci "to covenant or agree" (see pact).

Replaced Old English frið, also sibb, which also meant "happiness." Modern spelling is 1500s, reflecting vowel shift. Sense in peace of mind is from c.1200. Used in various greetings from c.1300, from Biblical Latin pax, Greek eirene, which were used by translators to render Hebrew shalom, properly "safety, welfare, prosperity."

Sense of "quiet" is attested by 1300; meaning "absence or cessation of war or hostility" is attested from c.1300. As a type of hybrid tea rose (developed 1939 in France by Francois Meilland), so called from 1944. Native American peace pipe is first recorded 1760. Peace-officer attested from 1714. Peace offering is from 1530s. Phrase peace with honor first recorded 1607 (in "Coriolanus"). The U.S. Peace Corps was set up March 1, 1962. Peace sign, both the hand gesture and the graphic, attested from 1968.


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.