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antonyms of coexistence

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The mission statement’s conclusion branded communism “the single greatest threat” to liberty, emphasized that the United States “should stress victory over, rather than coexistence with, this menace” and endorsed an America First foreign policy.
It led me to a journey of realizing the universality of our coexistence, not only with our mothers, but mother earth.
The researchers conclude that the water’s behavior as it was heated and cooled could be explained by the coexistence of two different molecular arrangements, as previously predicted.
We prove the existence of a thing, by proving that it is connected by succession or coexistence with some known thing.
To this we have now to add, that every proposition by which anything is asserted of a Kind, affirms an uniformity of coexistence.
Among the uniformities of coexistence which exist in nature, may hence be numbered all the properties of Kinds.
Besides uniformities of succession, which always depend on causation, there are uniformities of coexistence.
The empirical laws of society are uniformities, either of coexistence, or of succession.
The word plot signifies a weaving together; and a weaving together presupposes the coexistence of more than one strand.
The author combined all the known facts which favored the coexistence of man, with the extinct animals.


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