Definition for exist

verb as in be living

verb as in get along in life

Strongest matches

dwell, endure, go on, lie, live, reside, survive

Strong matches

consist, inhere, kick, subsist

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Example Sentences

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing machine, you can usually find options that are easy to install yourself.

These differences exist even as about 2 in 3 Americans, including clear majorities across partisan lines, say the United States should play an active role in the world.

They can’t figure out how they are going to deal with the corruption that exists within the system.

Both fine smoke particles and the coronavirus can be captured by a class of air filters known as MERV-13, which can be installed in many existing heating and air conditioning systems.

From Fortune

Trainor said that while voting by mail has existed for many decades, “this wholesale of just mailing out ballots to anybody and everybody — I think is going to cause mass confusion as we get towards Election Day.”

What conflicts do exist between them derive from misunderstanding and accident.

But in a television landscape still so afraid of showing kids that LGBT people exist, it still feels like a missed opportunity.

While it does service the community, it also gives them a place to call home and exist without any stigmas from the outside world.

Both projects only exist because enables users to access info via the Internet for free.

They have pushed into just about every other corner of the Caribbean and Central America where airports exist.

When I can cease to remember that the sun shines, that I exist—then, perhaps, I may forget you; but not till then.

Let us imitate the example of the Great Powers; they cannot exist alone, however strong and great they may be.

Since “extremes” are words with no relation between them, Analysis cannot find what does not exist.

The fleet cannot see itself wiped out by degrees; and yet, without the fleet, how are we soldiers to exist?

In such undertakings the State must first be founded, without which the Church cannot exist, as I have said before.


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