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Weller certainly endures — his status as silver-foxed icon remains strong across the Atlantic, his stint as a councilman is endlessly torn apart by Jam purists and is now of the not-unpolitical, pastoral singer-songwriter ilk.

The oppression my family has had to endure should not be a punchline.

Between record heat, hurricanes and wildfires, the country has endured billions in damages and nearly 200 deaths.

“I would love to think of her and all of my foremothers,” she said, “and all that they endured.”

Some of her friends that had tried to play on boys’ teams had testified during the trial that they endured harassment before joining the Utah Girls Tackle Football League.

China’s top legislative body earlier passed a measure requiring Hong Kong lawmakers to be patriots, curbing debate in a democratic institution that has endured more than two decades after the former British colony’s return.

Perhaps they’ve already endured too much strangeness, or maybe they’ve read Lethem’s earlier novels so they knew meteors of genre fiction were bound to start falling on them soon.

Former patients testified about the enduring physical and emotional pain from hysterectomies and other surgeries that permanently changed their bodies.

Whatever fear or pain he endured never made it to the lectern-style desk from which he continued to host the show.

Central to the enduring nature of the Cora-Red Sox relationship, of course, was the fact that he had led them to the World Series title as a rookie manager in 2018.


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