Antonyms for proletarians

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The numbers of class-conscious "proletarians" in the East might be very small.

And The Weavers was the first modern play that deals with the life of the proletarians.

It may enable a man to speak for the proletarians, but it does not enable a man to speak with them.

They are, in quite the literal sense of the word, American proletarians.

How, then, should the interests of the bourgeois and the proletarians not be common?

Are we proletarians not, after all, the vast majority of the country?

They are in politics, not as politicians, but as proletarians.

The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains, they have a world to win.

On the other hand, a bourgeois may be a Socialist and vote with the proletarians.

It was the revolt of the proletarians, led by men of great ability.