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When I was taking business school classes, I felt like there were certain words for things that were—I don’t want to say pretentious—but intended to keep people out.

From Time

We meet Jo Wright, a successful children’s author, who is immediately annoyed that her arch nemesis, pretentious adult novelist Will Price, is at the festival where she’s speaking.

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The power of art to heal, and the possibly pretentious, but also possibly heartwarming, thing where we may actually crave that art once it’s taken away.

Bros became briefly notorious earlier this month after travel blogger Geraldine DeRuiter made a post mocking the pretentious, overpriced, and frequently inedible 27-course meal she and her friends had there.

From Vox

No Words, the third Little Bridge Island book, follows Jo Wright, a successful children’s author, at a book festival where she just so happens to run into her arch nemesis Will Price, a pretentious adult novelist.

From Time

Svein: To be very big on things, bordering on the pretentious, I see it as all of those things.

I have never felt that displaying these things was right, as her grandson it felt a little - if not a lot - pretentious.

Actually, my standard was less pretentious: Is it good for the Jews?

The comingling of the art and pop music worlds is pointless and pretentious.

It was becoming increasingly elitist, pretentious, and exclusive.

In the centre was a log-house, larger and more pretentious than many log-houses which he had seen in the South.

The little inn was cleanlier and better kept than many of the more pretentious ones.

With costers and bargemen one can always get on familiarly: it is the pretentious, vulgar men and females who are horrible.

An affected and pretentious woman is all deportment and words; a sensible woman shows her sense by her behaviour.

Thus an imitation of sagacity becomes pretentious affectation.


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