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noun as in working class

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Under Stalin, and for years after his death in 1953, officially sanctioned artwork emphasized a Socialist Realist glorification of the heroic proletariat.

At the height of the Soviet Union, the proletariat universally understood everything their government said was a work of fiction.

Some “new men” from peasant and artisan backgrounds rose, but many others became part of an impoverished proletariat.

Ultimately, though, what saved the Okies was not proletariat revolution but another world war.

In a post on his blog, Sprouse claims that he has become a member of the proletariat to feed his video game addiction.

While Bolshevism was a dictatorship of the proletariat, Nazism was a dictatorship with a voting consensus behind it.

The fact of compulsory education created a proletariat able and willing to read.

The thirst for culture has produced a great, hungry, intellectual proletariat.

The higher technical education increases that intellectual proletariat which Bismarck saw to be a peril.

At the same time the state was overthrown by a political party, the Bolsheviks, who set up a dictatorship of the proletariat.

Discusses the dictatorship of the proletariat, and its chances for success in the United States.


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