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Not only is getting out and about good for your health, it also does wonders for your dog’s welfare, Gruen says.

In a country with some 210 million people, such a system could speed up the delivery of social welfare and tax benefits, and make public policies more efficient.

Beyond boosting profits, their efforts are driven by an imminent climate crisis, in which cattle play a significant role, and growing concern for livestock welfare among consumers.

So, the costs — of pollution, of degraded animal welfare — that are currently not being borne by either producers or consumers of food, would have to be borne.

In effect, it enhances social insurance protections and is a step towards universal basic income, both policies I think would improve social welfare even in the absence of a pandemic.

“All planning is grounded in what is actually viable for our schools and classrooms, enrollment projections, facility resources, staffing availability, budget and foremost the welfare and safety of our students and staff,” Haley wrote in the letter.

Local police discovered Saleh’s decapitated body, parts of which were in plastic bags in the apartment, after his cousin asked for a check on his welfare, New York Post reports.

Now, the second source of money is that right now we spend almost $800 billion on welfare programs.

So in fact, what I did in the end was I persuaded them to accept something which was difficult for them, which was that new arrivals to Britain couldn’t access our welfare system for up to four years, which was a huge give for them.

Whether it be in terms of you know nutrition, environment, animal welfare.


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.