Definition for abundance

noun as in great amount or supply

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Example Sentences

Twitter said that it has not yet seen any evidence that these keys were compromised, but alerted developers out of an abundance of caution.

The Heat’s abundance of long, rangy stoppers allowed them to throw multiple bodies on Milwaukee’s two best players, Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton.

For example, surveys of the Gulf of Alaska in 2017 noted a large decline in the abundance of valuable Pacific cod, now known to be linked to the Blob heatwave that had ended the year before.

The farms race was about, how do you get the food from industrially productive, technologically sophisticated farms, to this display of abundance — and the display was really crucial.

At healthy sites, he found that grass and an abundance of mussels often occur together.

Mistletoes on mesquite trees in central Mexico have been linked to a greater abundance of tropical bird species.

All the junkies try to transfer to them, for the abundance of morphine.

But in New York City, a metropolis with an abundance of concrete and very few fields of grass, a far more subtle display appears.

She actively, and with glee, imbued their lives with an abundance of misery.

Medical authorities of the day often acted less out of an “abundance of caution” than with a general callousness to humanity.

Fruit-trees are clearly too scarce, though Cherries in abundance were offered for sale as we passed.

Receive ye discipline as a great sum of money, and possess abundance of gold by her.

That is, the number of them cut short, and reduced to few, shall flourish in abundance of justice.

Besides, there is always a bunch of bananas hanging inside the house, and he has sugar-cane in abundance.

She was dressed in her brightest skirt and fairly shone with the abundance of cheap jewelry she wore.


On this page you'll find 85 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to abundance, such as: affluence, bounty, myriad, plenty, plethora, and profusion.

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