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Compared to 2016, Russia’s online interference strategies have grown in sophistication, says Dov Levin, assistant professor of international relations at the University of Hong Kong.

The Lazarus laundering operation, says Janczewski, involves creating and maintaining hundreds of false accounts and identities, a consistent level of sophistication and effort that underlines just how important the operation is for Pyongyang.

In the end there will likely be four or perhaps five relatively large providers that can offer competing levels of technological sophistication and reach.

Some retailers are media owners in their own right and so there are different levels of sophistication around commerce activations.

Conservatives scoring highest on tests for cognitive sophistication or quantitative reasoning skills are most susceptible to motivated reasoning about climate science.

Had this sophistication come as an afterthought, born of something that had passed between them?

The Vagrant DukeGeorge Gibbs

Then he recollected his sophistication to say: “Unless its being of that particular shade between brown and red was wrong.”

That this was "cuisine of striking richness, refinement, sophistication, and artistry" should not necessarily impress us here.

When he talks to you, you play up the keen, alert stuff with a dash of sophistication, see?

Personality PlusEdna Ferber

And behind all, there gleams from the whole play a sophistication as deep as the gean.

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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.