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Once again, the invisibility from the government over this population will make Puerto Rico’s path towards cultural competence education and acceptance of the diversity its citizens harder.

The competence of the office is a fair question, but the fraud accusation is absurd.

They also offer a sense of mastery and competence that can give them an advantage over more passive forms of entertainment like movies or books.

With most skills, the progression from competence to excellence comes from building upon each new lesson that you learn.

From a humble novice, skill learners progressed to the advanced beginner stage, then on to a sort of midpoint of competence, before climbing further to proficiency, finally summiting at expertise.

If that state is to be further armed with new laws, its competence will be even more on the line.

When you look at Mona Lisa, what you see is a woman of confidence and competence and compassion.

Voters prize gubernatorial competence above gubernatorial ideology.

Whatever your views on capital punishment, the incident raises questions of basic competence.

But when did they become the litmus test of competence in office?

Nine-tenths of those who have a competence know what income they have, and are careful not to spend more.

He is a business man of great competence, and I think he ought to be able to do much to get things on to a ship-shape footing.

There are prairie farmers who would consider what he is leaving behind him a competence.

At the same time he began lending money on short time, and by speculating with the poorer class he acquired a certain competence.

Page 229 Chapter X a comma was inserted in the phrase 'he would secure the competence he had yearned for, for so many years'.


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