Thesaurus / smoother


A smoother stretch of road did not come any too soon for her.

The wider and smoother rivers were crossed on 'balsas,' or rafts with sails.

The chance seemed certain: his money was paid; his letters were returned; never had blackmail gone on smoother wheels.

The Relentless CityEdward Frederic Benson

The gale off the Cape of Good Hope was weathered at last, and the vessel sailed into smoother seas.

Brought HomeHesba Stretton

We remained therefore till the next morning, in hopes there might then be less wind and smoother sea.

Nothing will so beautifully and delicately trim out the curves of the throat or give a smoother turn to the waist.

They also scratched his knees through his torn clothing, as he climbed up to the smoother rocks above.

But when I lingered about awhile I saw that near the top the rocks were smoother than I usually found them.

Secrets of the AndesJames H. Foster

It follows, then, that roughness is conducive to friction; and that the smoother the surface the less the friction will be.

But finding soon a smoother roadBeneath his well-shod feet, The snorting beast began to trot,Which galled him in his seat.


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