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adjective as in liquid

adjective as in adaptable, changeable

noun as in liquid

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They cited a fluid-dynamics simulation that showed a “massive upward transport of virus aerosol particles” during flushing, leading to large-scale virus spread indoors.

From Fortune

That’s because, he says, T-cell assays require a more complex blood sample that preserves both the serum—or fluid part of blood—and the individual blood cells.

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These narratives underscore the fluid and transnational histories of diseases, their impact and possible cure.

Kidneys clean our blood using nephrons, which are essentially filters that let fluid and waste products through while blocking blood cells, proteins, and minerals.

The rotating flow maintains a shape where the center looks sunken as the fluid gets pushed to the outer edge.

So we know that boring down to the bedrock and pumping it full of fluid can cause earthquakes.

In Voodoo, the demarcation between life and death is more fluid; helping Voodoo followers create order out of disorder.

In other words, the omnipresent postcolonial Arab State has just about dropped dead, the times are fluid and the vacuums are many.

She is equally desirous of Levine, as animalistic and eager to consume him while sticky with sanguine fluid.

There are two economies, above ground and underground, and the boundaries at times seem fluid.

It separates into three layers upon standing—a brown deposit, a clear fluid, and a frothy layer.

One frequently wishes to ascertain the specific gravity of quantities of fluid too small to float an urinometer.

This fluid is then heated, adding crystals of sodium acetate until it becomes perfectly clear.

The clear, straw-colored fluid which is left after separation of the coagulum is called blood-serum.

Leukocytes are easily distinguished from red cells, especially when Toisson's diluting fluid is used.


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