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Of course, as is always the case for ambitious infrastructure projects, timelines are malleable, and a lot can change over the course of a decade.

It’s also malleable — and variable, among individuals and cultures.

Their self-directed inventiveness with mud and recycled materials makes their perceptions of the future malleable.

Compared to other regions, it’s uniquely malleable, or plastic.

The idea of custom forming gel-based materials isn’t unheard of either—it’s typically used when fitting athletic mouth guards, though users typically have to boil those to make them malleable enough to shape.

Even adults like to shoehorn their bottoms into a malleable rubber swing and take a ride down memory lane.

This gig, however, has its unique set of challenges around which to be malleable.

They see gun rights as insecure, malleable, and under constant attack.

Lapid may be malleable, but Bennett was without question on the hard-right, verging on undemocratic.

So in some sense their preferences are more malleable, which enlarges the role debates can play.

The sound of the iron hammer on the malleable metal was like muffled silver, and the sparks flew out like jocund fireflies.

Its consciousness of guilt had broken down her pride, and thus had made her more malleable, more humble.

They were poor things, but they were malleable in his hands.

An alloy containing 10% of gold is softer and scarcely so malleable as the pure metal.

The definition of steel now is that it is a compound of iron which has been cast from a fluid state into a malleable mass.


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