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As a result, the number of possible permutations of variables, or ways of arranging colors on the dice, is 239,000 — a very, very big number.

During periods of stress, heart rate becomes less variable and the time between beats gets shorter.

Across all of the experiments, controlling for lots of variables, the researchers found that the tilted coins distracted people and slowed them down from finding the actual ellipse.

In 1912, the Harvard astronomer Henrietta Swan Leavitt used plate observations from a telescope in Peru to discover that strange variable stars called Cepheids could be used to precisely measure vast distances in space.

One of the most terrifying aspects of the pandemic is that the severity of the disease seems so cruelly and arbitrarily variable.

But turnout tends to be far more variable in a midterm election and modeling become far difficult.

Researchers acknowledged that some unknown variable might be responsible.

AirBnB allows for connections: host to guest, guest to city, and any other variable you can think of.

This uncertainty explains why the forecast, while optimistic, is highly variable.

Throughout the process the program throws in random changes in a command or variable— these are mutations.

It is small in cloudy swelling from toxins and drugs, and variable in renal tuberculosis and neoplasms.

Its disadvantage is that it introduces, with the bread, a variable amount of lactic acid and numerous yeast-cells.

Streptococci are arranged side by side, forming chains of variable length (Fig. 114).

After anchoring the wind was variable and light from the western quarter but during the night there was a heavy swell.

We have done nothing but sail on with very variable weather, for the last thirteen days.


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