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verb as in drench, wet through

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As we move into the next year, we’re seeing an Internet saturated with blogs and landing pages.

The picture changes when the employees, patients and visitors who saturate the area every day are included.

Last week, the San Francisco Bay Area woke up to a saturated-orange sky.

The models then show how different wind speeds and direction push or pull a fire over a given area based on what kind of fuel lives there or how saturated the ground might be.

That solution is saturated — the sugar goes into solution with stirring and maybe a little heat.

As one Democratic strategist told The Daily Beast, “For a very small investment, you could saturate TV” in South Dakota.

Mix it together and let it sit for about ten minutes so the chia seeds can saturate.

Saturate cinemas with a glut of shoddy franchise flicks, and only a few are going to stick, no matter the star.

Saturate the American public until we forget that anything or anyone else exists or is even an option in 2012.

A good practice is to lead the sheep into the water and saturate the fleece, after which they are taken ashore.

Add a few drops of sodium nitroprusside solution, make alkaline with ammonia, then saturate with ammonium sulphate crystals.

Cover the bottom of the jar with a layer of cotton-wool and saturate it with formalin.

Give plenty of air at all favourable opportunities, and saturate the atmosphere with moisture.

On level, and even high prairie land, water will stand in winter, and thoroughly saturate the soil and freeze up.


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