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verb as in splash

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Plus, this allows the juicer to work with the pitcher lid on, removing any potential splatter.

While hiking, you can hear the crunch of a twig beneath your boots, and each drop of rain individually splattering into molecules as it returns to the sponge-like soil below.

He must prefer to have my partially-digested cicada carcasses splatter on a tile floor instead of the deep pile carpet.

Some researchers call this embodied cognition–our tendency, when we’re engaged with a piece of art or music or performance, to see ourselves in the work, or see ourselves creating the work, splattering the paint like Jackson Pollock.

From Time

Your Steve would probably take the lead on this one, and you both would laugh at any stray splatter of tomato sauce.

Outside of the absurdity of “blood splatter” flying through the air is the implication that Ebola can be “breathed” at all.

The pastor and his congregants sat around the TV and watched as fists began to fly and blood began to splatter.

Fat rain droplets, like little eggs, started to splatter on my windshield, smearing with each sway of the wipers.

The hammer strikes would splatter tar on their uncovered skin causing lacerations and bleeding.

First, you get a hell of a lot less splatter (see, splatter guard).

Beardsley's fist itched to splatter those handsome features around a little.

But Forrester blocked it; the splatter of free energy struck at the nearby trees, sending them crashing to the ground.

Somewhere out there in the far distance was the constant splatter of Mausers like rain on a tin roof.

Only when alone under that splatter of stars did he feel the moment big with more than a mere release from textbooks.

A splatter of partially dried mud on the trunk of a tree revealed that the passer-by had left the spot some hours before.


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