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The society she imagines has developed divergent theological myths and rites, like the annual “Mothering Monday,” a raucous holiday when men and women cross-dress and get wild.

Nothing is sadder than sitting at a table of computers — unable to comfort my devastated father — and attempting to reinvent rites taken for granted.

The wooden floors sloped, and signed photos of Harry Houdini and Harry Blackstone hung on the walls, like patron saints presiding over sacred, mysterious rites.

The next day, I visited Shakoor’s native village in Laribal Tral, where thousands of people participated in his last rites.

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Of course, we shouldn’t be too quick to read Google the last rites.

In the neighborhoods they grow up in, prison is a rite of passage and being a street gangster is a viable career choice.

For anyone whose political sympathies lie left of center, discovering and reading Chomsky is a rite of passage.

A rite of passage solely reserved for adolescent girls, the painful custom is believed to be as old as the local creation myth.

I had bought the device at Rite-Aid precisely because it resembled a cigarette.

What is beginning to emerge is Brazil at an adolescent stage as part of a national rite of passage.

This important rite was just completed, when a packet was put into Ripperda's hand from Spain.

By submitting to the rite, every one that received circumcision became a debtor to do the whole law.

That the efficiency of this rite as a sign might be most complete, attention to it was enjoined under the greatest penalty.

Had it not been for the Everlasting Covenant, the rite of sacrifice had not been instituted, and a priesthood had not been.

The rite concludes by the recipient spitting on a consecrated host and the whole assembly piercing it in turn with stilettos.


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