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adjective as in bothersome

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Example Sentences

Apparently, Shopify sees this as a perk, taking care of the pesky technical SEO issues on your behalf.

Most of the Avengers are humans who gained their powers later in life, like Captain America did when the military injected him with super-soldier serum or Spider-Man did when that pesky Spider took a bite out of him.

From Time

She had to buy more of the chemical — and special equipment that would let her use it without any pesky air getting in the way.

Google Search can now help users find the name of that pesky tune stuck in their heads, even if they only remember the melody.

From Fortune

If you’ve been having trouble unlocking your pesky iPhone while wearing a mask, you’re not alone.

From Time

Isn't it time Kate took a lesson from her grandmother-in-law and weighted down those skirts against the pesky wind?

Unfortunately, pesky activists and passionate students have made sexual assault impossible to ignore, even for men.

Lady Gaga released her new single “Applause” a week early to combat those pesky internet leaks.

If it was still Shea Stadium, this list would look a lot different—starting with those pesky rats as “the worst.”

Red Sox centerfield Johnny Pesky nabbed the relay, double-clutched the ball, and threw late to the plate.

A plump young kitten that had not seen the pesky stuff before came to meet me from the stable, jumping like a rabbit.

He was a young fellow about Jack's age, but not one-half so manly, and he was sniffling and scolding about "that pesky parrot."

The first order of business were those pesky gait-recognition cameras.

I be'n thinkin' it over, on the way, an' a dollar's too pesky cheap fer this trip.

But as I told you first thing, that Point is al'lus a pesky place and a good place to veer from.


On this page you'll find 24 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to pesky, such as: annoying, nettlesome, troublesome, vexing, disturbing, and irksome.

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