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noun as in tuft of bird; plumage

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Example Sentences

You can build your archery equipment with a sharp fixed-blade knife, some paracord, a flexible sapling, a few tree shoots for arrows, and a few feathers.

Perched and upright, the birds pointed their bills upwards, fluffed their feathers and stopped moving.

Their feathers or scales have multiple layers of intricate micro- or nanostructures to absorb light.

The fossil find further suggests that Microraptor, which lived 120 million years ago, may have shed only a few feathers at a time — just like modern songbirds, researchers report July 16 in Current Biology.

In a never-before-seen particle, four quarks of a feather flock together.

And then having done that why did it actually feather, when apparently no crew command was given.

People touched the yellow feather shroud, singing “Indian Red” as the transfer of the coffin to the vehicle was done.

The Cessna landed like a feather on Bettles Field, a long, flat airstrip built by the Navy during World War II.

Feather had recorded as a pianist, and although he would never put Oscar Peterson out of business, he knew his sharps and flats.

But Cruz and Paul are speaking to significantly different audiences, despite being wacko birds of a feather.

Clean your tube regularly, and your amber mouthpiece with a feather dipped in spirits of lavender.

Edna was sitting on the tabouret, idly brushing the tips of a feather duster along the carpet when he came in again.

Around her throat was a white feather boa, while her features were half concealed by the veil she wore.

Have both a feather bed and a mattress upon the bedstead, that she may place whichever she prefers uppermost.

He wore a cock feather over his ear, and on his head a diadem set with enormous gems.


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