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It was while taking one of Goldman’s theater classes that “Here I Am” was conceived.
In this radical new paradigm, robots are conceived and born rather than designed and manufactured.
As for people breastfeeding or hoping to get pregnant, Afshar says it’s totally okay to get the vaccine whenever it becomes available, and there’s no reason to wait to start trying to conceive or begin fertility treatments.
Originally conceived as a “small house”, it started morphing into a “huge palace,” Kolesnikov tells Navalny in the video.
However we conceive of “us,” we have ample grounds for humility.
Invented as part of a collaboration between Patagonia and Malden Mills back in the 1970s, polyester fleece was conceived as a more affordable, easier-to-care-for alternative to wool.
Launched after Stanton, an optician by day, and his partners conceived the idea in a Reddit travel points discussion group, the organization first helped a refugee fly his family from Syria to Belgium to join him after two years apart.
The EU may be the most ambitious attempt at societal integration conceived, yet few members see the EU as an entity worthy of their loyalty the way they do their countries, and for several reasons.
That lays the groundwork for Descript not just to create tools to make it easier to edit but in the future to conceive of how to do so in a way that creates a better and potentially more original product at the end of the process, too.
On July 10, 2020, over three decades after it was first conceived of and designed, the city of Venice launched a test run of its new flood barrier system, the MOSE project.


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