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Aaron, having no pencil, traced with a greasy finger on the tile floor the outlines of the barn and farmhouse he envisaged.

Blind Man's LanternAllen Kim Lang

Prayer is directed to a person, and whether he is envisaged as 'a spirit,' or not, is a mere detail of metaphysical terminology.

He bore the man no grudge; the more he envisaged the risks, the more he admired and respected him.

King John of JingaloLaurence Housman

We have not envisaged whole languages as conforming to this or that general type.

LanguageEdward Sapir

For the first time I envisaged it in its heartbreaking beauty.

Great heavens, had he ever yet envisaged Hugh listening abjectly (or worse impudently) to the strictures of a scornful judge?

Poor RelationsCompton Mackenzie

This is true because consequences are assessed, in the Estimate, on the basis of the envisaged results of proposed actions.

Sound Military DecisionU.s. Naval War College

And simultaneously he envisaged the present reality of Saturn.

The World BeyondRaymond King Cummings

He reflected happily that in a few days he would begin a new petty-cash book—and he envisaged it as a symbol of his new life.

The Price of LoveArnold Bennett

They did not ask whether the organization they envisaged was economically profitable, but whether it was ethically right.


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