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Daniel Newman, principal analyst at Futurum Research, opines for MarketWatch that Apple’s bold transition could end up benefitting its old rival, Microsoft.

What if Apple’s new Mac chips are trash?rhhackettfortuneNovember 10, 2020Fortune

While pundits opined that his mercuriality would be a negative for the economy, the stock market famously surged after his win as investors embraced his more pro-business policies just hours later.

Our nautical experts (who had been at sea for three weeks anyhow) opined that it was "steering" for the Diamond Fields.

As the castle is three-quarters of a mile from the Craig, Edgar opined that the Colonel must have had sharp ears.

Do you think of perching in Cumberland, as you opined when I was in the metropolis?

"Seems like I've saw you before, somewheres," opined a thick man with round china blue eyes.

Prairie FlowersJames B. Hendryx

"He hears you, he watches you, he rejoices in you," Lady Agnes opined.

The Tragic MuseHenry James

He had opined that Christianity was irrational and had no scientific basis.

Burroughs opined that the episode with Pine Coulee was nothing.

He looks,” she opined deliberately, “as if he could give you what for!

The Lady of the Basement FlatMrs. George de Horne Vaizey


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