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The Georgia Birds and the Michigan Felines were playing a game in which a fair coin was flipped 101 times.

For the S&P 500, if you’re buying and selling the market on a one-day basis, your chance of making money is a little bit better than a coin flip.

From Fortune

For some, Blackfishing brings to mind blackface, a term first coined in the 1830s in New York.

In school, probability lessons often begin with flipping lots of imaginary coins.

Suppose you wanted to simulate a fair coin in at most three flips.

Apparently, Shakespeare coined 1,700 words, from the frequently used (excitement) to the should-be-more frequently used (spewed).

Michael Lewis, who coined the term and penned the 2003 bestselling book of that name.

Ronald Reagan famously coined the phrase, “Are you better off now then you were four years ago?”

The term “lobbyist” supposedly was coined during the well-corrupted (and well-soaked) presidency of Ulysses S. Grant.

Yet to Krauthammer, who coined the term “Reagan Doctrine,” the Gipper was what a president is supposed to be.

Isabel told him politely never to ride out without using the telephone first, and had her excuses already coined.

Thence came gold and silver to be coined in all the mints, and curiously wrought in all the jewellers' shops, of Europe and Asia.

Ede was the type after which some department store advertising-department diplomat had coined the term "stylish stout."

Her most striking expressions are her own—newly coined, not taken from the vocabulary in usage.

The Count of Plouernel coined money like the other feudal seigneurs, and, like them, he minted it to his liking.


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