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The most important duty of a president of the United States is in the role of commander-in-chief.

He was commander in chief of the Long Beach Police Department prior to his role in Oceanside.

It must strike at the heart of every member of the military after hearing his comments to know they have to salute the pig who is their commander in chief.

They have not posed as commanders dispatching brave conscripts off to the front, but rather as mothers and daughters sharing the fears and privations of their fellow citizens.

From Fortune

I was sitting in front of soldiers, and their commanders were not informing people that people will be beaten soon … they said just please leave this square clean.

Qasem Suleimani was appointed as commander of the force in 1997.

“He was a brave field commander and an expert in intelligence, and in organizing popular and tribal forces,” said the eulogist.

Zaim Ali, a Peshmerga commander, said: “We have established a military plan to clear ISIS from all of areas.”

This is not lost on their commander, Rama (Shani Klein), an aspiring military careerist who looks down on frivolity in wartime.

Francis fired the uncompromising commander of his Swiss Guard.

More soldiers crowded into the cave and Professor-Commander Krafft came in behind them.

By the end of the campaign of 1796 he had proved that he was as great a chief of the staff as Bonaparte was a great commander.

The commander of this fleet was an Englishman, according to the agreement between them.

The commander-in-chief still kept him attached to the headquarter staff, and constantly employed him on special service.

So far Murat had always held subordinate commands; his great ambition was to become the commander-in-chief of an independent army.


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