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noun as in the act of installing electric wires

noun as in installed wires

Strong matches

noun as in circuit system

Strongest match

Strong matches

Weak match

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Example Sentences

Harsh detergents should be avoided because they can damage the fabric, wiring, and components inside your blanket.

With lightweight wiring and multiple heating zones, you can keep warm no matter how long you find yourself in winter weather.

The only way to break the code was to know the starting settings and internal wiring of the wheels.

A complete wiring diagram for a mouse brain alone would take up two exabytes.

This is also from the Bolt EV and includes all the wiring and power electronics one needs to manage a modern battery EV powertrain.

To complement brain wiring, everyone walks around with retinal cams.

You know, troubled and certainly having a different kind of wiring that lends itself to conscience and consequential behavior.

Something in her wiring has taught her that relaxing her defenses is dangerous.

We were looking at new traffic all the time or where the wheels or the wiring had been changed, or at other new techniques.

This building is at risk of erupting into flames due to substandard electrical wiring, SIGAR found.

Jessie had to confess that there was no suspicious looking wiring anywhere about the house or outbuildings.

The wiring diagram for this part of the apparatus is clearly shown, and the terminals are connected to binding posts C and D.

Lights flashed and faded as he cut through the intricate wiring.

Only you can make the base and do the wiring, attaching and so forth.

But we have no need for such cumbersome fixtures in this day of wiring.


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