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It was literally the worst week of my life and the weave from hell.

If you’re in a society that says you have to get this weave or lose your job, that’s not really a choice.

From Fortune

Visual references to everything from Cat People to Psycho abound, with the film’s J-horror debt becoming more pronounced once women with possessed weaves go on the attack, their tresses thrashing around like Gorgon serpents.

From Fortune

Still, the fiber a fabric is made from seems to matter less than a fabric’s weave or knit density, the number of layers, and the shape and size of the mask itself.

The loose hessian weave of most coffee sacks won’t survive the washer and dryer, so the best thing to do is hand-wash them in soapy water and leave them to hang dry.

Her microhistories weave compelling lives into larger stories, and William Moulton Marston is irresistible.

The edges of the elegant paper are crackled; the ink bled into the linen weave long ago and has not faded.

I heard he helped you create Thanos, and weave him into the story.

Ex-sexy elf Orlando Bloom, without even putting on his Legolas weave, turns Justin Bieber-punching everyman.

He compares himself to Scheherazade, whose survival was based on her ability to weave tale after tale.

She could not work on such a day, nor weave fancies to stir her pulses and warm her blood.

Nine identical High-Pocketses—all so tall they had to weave around the neon lights instead of ducking under them.

The women of the interior spin and weave for their household, and they also embroider very beautifully.

The artisans of Bengal can weave, the Chinese boatmen can row, with its aid, and it adds much to facility in climbing.

The last sighs of a man will weave the brilliant corolla of a flower, or expand like a smile over the verdant meadow.


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