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To test hypotheses about where aperiodic signals come from, Voytek said, researchers need to look more closely at what kinds of neural circuitry could give rise to them.

It’s not clear what sets gender identity in the human brain, but the fact that in a mouse you have the physical circuitry for both male and female behaviors gives way more context for what could happen in humans.

That’s why engineers generally shield circuitry inside relatively clunky metal screening.

One key advantage of this setup is that the signals from the sensors are analog, so it does away with the need for extra circuitry to convert them into digital signals, saving both space and power.

In fact, this reorganizing of the brain’s circuitry, “is essential for young people whose brains are still developing,” he says.

“These fathers have the circuitry and the neurochemistry to behave like good fathers,” Raeburn explains.

I think every single human being, given the right set of circuitry, could become incredibly dangerous.

Second is a book on brain plasticity—that is, how the brain constantly reconfigures its own circuitry.

Everything we do, think, feel, say, or fail to do is determined by our neural circuitry.

Should a criminal be held responsible for his crime when a brain scan can demonstrate some abnormality in his neural circuitry?

The PDP-3 circuitry is the static type using saturating transistor flip-flops and, for the most part, transistor switch elements.

Merlin—the circuitry, the memory-bank, the relays, everything—was installed inside them.

His own knowledge of electronic circuitry was limited to ham radio experience, and even that was many years out of date.

The control board wiring and circuitry was where the trouble would lie.

Normal insulation and printed circuitry wasn't designed to last for thousands of years.


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