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From a scientific perspective, we have designed new artificial evolutionary algorithms that have produced a diverse set of robots that drive or crawl, and can learn to navigate through complex mazes.

First, the scientists taught adult mice, which have a lower rate of neurogenesis, similar to an adult human brain, to navigate a maze.

The last time Peter Vogel stepped inside Nationals Park before this month, in December 2019, the outfield had been transformed into a temporary Christmas market, with a 90,000-square-foot maze of lights and a few dozen vendors.

Some senators joked about feeling like mice as they navigated a maze of seven-foot-tall, plexiglass booths that surround their desks.

Patients are lucky, he added, if their doctor knows how to navigate the charitable assistance maze.

From Fortune

“Cornerstone Cellars barrels are lost within a collapsed barrel maze,” she shared.

Everything legal and worth making money from is like a maze.

Maze-like is a kind way of describing the economic landscape for Americans in the South, particularly Atlanta.

The maze ends in an expansive Zen garden, complete with a pebble pool-pit and a vast mirror along one wall.

In 2010, he reported that the mice who practiced on the dual maze actually got smarter on tests of general cognitive abilities.

Down in the field Tim appeared from the maze of corn-stalks and looked my way beneath a shading hand.

Again Tim appeared from the maze of corn and stood shading his eyes and gazing toward the house.

Our progress became monotonous, a succession of fruitless attempts to advance; hopeless, like wandering in a subtle maze.

Then she led them on again through the maze of rooms while the girls thought amazedly of what she had told them.

Walking, half awake, Ida floundered among the boulders and through a horrible maze of whitened driftwood cast up by the stream.


On this page you'll find 48 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to maze, such as: bewilderment, convolution, entanglement, hodgepodge, imbroglio, and intricacy.

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