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noun as in complication, mess

verb as in grumble

verb as in complicate, mess up

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Example Sentences

Pandemic-induced supply chain snarls have brought attention to ship emissions near ports, although the problem has existed for decades.

Extreme weather and supply-chain snarls are among the reasons for shortages in grocery stores.

From Quartz

Each night, after he conditions his hair and gets into his pajamas, either my husband or I work out the snarls with a wide-toothed comb.

From Time

With global supply lines in an epic snarl, it can take him five hours to enter a Chicago-area rail yard, locate a customer’s shipping container and mount it on a truck chassis before hauling it to its destination.

As of Thursday evening, there were hundreds of ships carrying commodities and consumer goods lined up behind the snarl.

From Time

Alastair Sim had jowls like melting candle wax, a snarl like a cornered cat and eyes cold with contempt.

And conservatives in Nevada are looking for the kind of snarl that the smiling Sandoval may not be able to deliver.

The delays would cause chaos and snarl traffic at checkpoints, frustrate orderly schedules, and make tempers short.

Happy Huckabee seems to be gone, the smile replaced by a snarl.

His voice would morph from a melodic baritone to a deep, guttural snarl, grinding notes to a pulp.

“He hath told us already, Princess,” said the other, his harsh accents sounding more like the snarl of a wolf than a human voice.

With a vicious snarl, the dog lifted his great body into the air and plunged toward the Comet.

Now I don't want to snarl at the Cause—whatever it may be—but it isn't all beef-bones and country walks by any means.

The snarl was caused by pain, and the snap following removed the dangerous weapon from unsafe hands.

Her face had tied itself into a snarl of knots, from which the kindly eyes looked angrily.


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