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two faced

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synonyms for two faced

  • deceitful
  • devious
  • disingenuous
  • evasive
  • false
  • hypocritical
  • phony
  • untruthful
  • ambidextrous
  • backhanded
  • deceptive
  • dissembling
  • dissimulating
  • double
  • double-dealing
  • duplicitous
  • faithless
  • fake
  • hollow
  • lying
  • mendacious
  • perfidious
  • pretentious
  • put on
  • shifty
  • slick
  • sly
  • snide
  • two-faced
  • unfaithful
  • untrue
On this page you'll find 1632 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to two faced, such as: deceitful, devious, disingenuous, evasive, false, and hypocritical.

antonyms for two faced

  • actual
  • direct
  • forthright
  • frank
  • genuine
  • honest
  • just
  • open
  • real
  • reliable
  • sincere
  • straight
  • straightforward
  • trustworthy
  • truthful
  • upright
  • honest
  • direct
  • frank
      • honest
      • reliable
      • forthright
      • harmless
      • loyal
      • true
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                                  How to use two faced in a sentence

                                  Voltaire's procedure, one can gather, is polite, but two-faced; not sublime on this occasion.
                                  What sort of a two-faced scoundrel is this Hooligan, that he helps criminals in such work?
                                  MOTOR MATT'S DARING RESCUESTANLEY R. MATTHEWS
                                  I'm going to write a story, the whole rotten story about your precious father and his two-faced life.
                                  BEAR TRAPALAN EDWARD NOURSE
                                  But now let the interpretation of the two-faced image be produced.
                                  THE CITY OF GOD, VOLUME IAURELIUS AUGUSTINE
                                  Like the two-faced Jannet, as Mrs. Murchison had once called that heathen deity, she kept the benignant aspect for him.
                                  MAMMON AND CO.E. F. BENSON
                                  She is jes' erbleeged ter be meally-mouthed en two-faced, caze she wuz brung up dat ar way.
                                  THE BUILDERSELLEN GLASGOW
                                  Why did these two-faced men make such a ‘holy alliance,’ if they were to break it at once?
                                  THE LEGEND OF ULENSPIEGEL, VOL. II (OF 2)CHARLES DE COSTER
                                  His tribe got suspicious of him; they thought he was two-faced, so shot him, as they did his father before him.
                                  OLD RAIL FENCE CORNERSVARIOUS
                                  The word here means simply two-faced, without the idea of deceit usually attached to it.
                                  ESSAYSRALPH WALDO EMERSON
                                  They make to themselves a two-faced idol, one of these faces being called nature, and the other humanity.
                                  THE HEAVENLY FATHERERNEST NAVILLE
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