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adjective as in greedy for money

noun as in person who fights, kills for money

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Example Sentences

Her portrayal as a battle-hardened mercenary was met with positive reviews, with many lauding her on-screen performance as an inspiration for young women.

Zambernardi also controlled a team of mercenaries he called Rudos—“tough guys”—from Mexico’s corrupt and violent Federal Judicial Police.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have outsourced their fighting in Yemen and Libya to brutal mercenaries of the Darfur civil war.

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Some of these mercenaries were basically employed knights, who lacked fiefs, and thus were paid salaries by their overlords.

His second-in-command was the marechal, who was responsible for paying the mercenaries, organizing the fighting divisions and playing his supervisory role in regards to the discipline and equipment of the army.

As a former agent himself, Horrigan hopes to disabuse renters of the notion that brokers are mercenary con artists.

“I did not have enough money to bribe the judge, so I decided to become a mercenary,” Mozhayev told a local reporter.

The scene ends with a Street Fighter-like battle between Captain America and a mercenary.

By mid-to-late evening, there was overwhelming evidence that Russia was using a mix of mercenary and conscript forces.

A dreamy, blue-eyed rebel is approached by a mercenary wearing a scary mask.

Above all, he was amazed to hear me talk of a mercenary standing army in the midst of peace and among a free people.

If all the world did not wag his way, so much the worse for cold-blooded mercenary superfluous beings.

But this pious reverence gave place to a more mercenary spirit, and the trade in relics became a traffic of infamy and disgrace.

It is perhaps something of a surprise to find him a mercenary in seventeenth-century Holland; but the old touch is there.

The first were large bands of discharged mercenary soldiers who pillaged the country.


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