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When the red hammer and sickle banner was pulled from the Kremlin ramparts a final time 30 years ago, obituaries for socialism were written by the hundreds.

From Ozy

Corded mowers are the simplest lawn mowers besides a fly-wheel push mower or sickle and are always ready to slice up some grass.

In one trial for sickle cell anemia, doctors remove cells from the body, edit them in a dish, and then infuse them back into the patient.

In addition to his clogged arteries, the examination showed, he had sickle cell trait, high blood pressure and a small tumor in his abdomen, none of which was involved in his death, according to the experts and the autopsies.

The more active I became, it seemed as though the more infrequent my sickle cell pain crises became.

The periodic agony that accompanies sickle cell was joined by the torment of persistent eye infections and repeated surgeries.

The communist part is no joke, either—his business card features a Soviet-style hammer and sickle in red.

France's Communist party has undergone a revolution and dropped the hammer and sickle from its membership cards.

But there was a twist—the hammer and sickle through the “c” in “Obama Care.”

Search online for “Obama” and “communist” or “hammer and sickle” and hundreds of images pop up.

Then Morfed lifted his arm and began to sing softly, swinging the sickle in time to the song, with his eyes on us.

It was an uncanny song, and I waxed uneasy as it went on, and the flashing sickle waved more quickly before my eyes.

The song stopped, and the lifted sickle sank with the hand that held it, and the eyes of Morfed left mine and sought the ground.

Then our captain—wild, saucy Peg Sickle—bounded up with the cry, 'Crown the captain!'

Seems to me this dust is like the grain that is shed from a ripe crop before it comes to the sickle.


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