Definition for portray

verb as in represent, imitate

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Example Sentences

Early Facebook co-founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who were portrayed in The Social Network by actor Armie Hammer, will executive-produce the film based on Mezrich’s as-yet-unwritten book.

From Quartz

Similar to some puzzle moments, several cutscenes split the screen in half to portray two worlds, with Marianne speaking to spirits who appear in one, and are invisible in the other.

British code breakers’ eventual successes against Enigma — including those by mathematician Alan Turing loosely portrayed in the film “The Imitation Game” — were built on Rejewski’s breakthroughs.

She becomes partner to Kang Hyun-Jo—portrayed by Ju Ji-Hoon, whose lead roles in the 2020 series Kingdom season 2 and Hyena garnered much attention.

From Time

Kerry’s former aides and others close to him denied that Wright accurately portrayed the former secretary of state’s stance.

From Vox

Once in power, they often hired gifted artists to portray them in flattering and benevolent poses.

The Kremlin likes to portray these as sinister Western conspiracies.

The results played right into the hands of those who wanted to portray the opposition as unreliable.

The media and academics love to portray these voters as the typical independent when they represent less than half of them.

She ended up praying with me and giving me her blessing to portray her Dad.

John Dickinson saw the matter in the same light, a light which his superior abilities enabled him to portray in more lurid colors.

It was all very picturesque to portray one's hero as dying of disease; but in reality it was not at all satisfactory.

Imagination is tasked to its utmost stretch to portray sentiments and passions in the way that makes the deepest impression.

But in none of his stories did Alger ever portray a tougher background or give it a bigger skyrocket finish.

Liszt, bolder than Heine, makes the attempt to portray them, and writes like an inspired poet.


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